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We all understand that certain times of the year are known to be better for making certain purchases, such as purchasing cars at the end of the year or air conditioners in colder months. But, do you find yourself looking at your cardio floor and thinking it is time for a change? Find out why now could be the best time for you to upgrade.

Expiring leases and warranties are obvious indicators, but there are quite a few reasons that may be less obvious drivers, until you stop to consider them. No matter when it is your time to refresh your cardio floor, you will want to have this list of reasons in mind.

1. Embedded Wi-Fi capability makes it easier and cheaper

When you installed your current cardio, did the complexity and expense of hardwiring for networked capabilities influence your choice about whether to network or not? We have good news—embedded Wi-Fi is now available on Precor touchscreen consoles. Not only is equipment placement easier, but the cost of hardwiring, while recommended, is not necessary.

2. Mix ‘n’ Match cardio lines and consoles that fit your facility best.

Another advantage of upgrading is you can choose between two fully-networkable touchscreen consoles with two cardio lines—select the option that best suits your budget. The P82 and P62 consoles maintain the same silhouette so if you choose to use both, the sweeping view of your cardio floor stays uniform, sleek, and offers the exact same exerciser experience. Those consoles can accompany Experience Series™ cardio bases, including the premium, fully-appointed 800 Line or the high-performance, mid-tier priced 700 Line. Two of the most popular pairings are the 800 Line Converging CrossRamp® Elliptical with the P62 console, and the 700 Line Treadmill with the P82 console. Find a match that is perfect for your budget and space.

3. Get an additional year of warranty on parts.

Precor’s cardio quality over the past 10 years has never been better, providing peace of mind that you can trust and rely on our cardio to provide years of solid performance. We’ve broadened our cardio warranty to three years on parts and one year on labor, saving you money in the third year of parts warranty.  Any cardio products shipped as of August 1, 2018, receive the new warranty.

4. Boost your members’ entertainment with apps.

Technology has changed not only the fitness industry, but the entire world, and it continues to grow. No matter where you are, people are constantly within a fingertip’s reach of entertainment and information. But are your consoles providing your exercisers access to the apps, entertainment, and convenience features they want? With the networked capabilities available on the Precor P82 and P62 consoles, your exercisers will have access to:

  • RunTV – Interactive Video Courses
  • Netflix®
  • Hulu®
  • Spotify®
  • iHeartRadio®
  • WatchESPN®

Plus, they’ll have easy use of Bluetooth® for signing in and connecting headphones. These features attract new members and help retain existing ones.

5. Older cardio technology will start to lose value.

Did you know that Precor cardio equipment has some of the highest trade-in value on the market? If you trade in now, it could amount to the highest value ever to offset the overall expense for your upgrade. Waiting too long could cost you more, since the value of older technology drops as newer technology is adopted in the marketplace. Our trade-in specialist and your can help you determine the value of your existing equipment and how you can best go about refreshing your cardio floor.

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