Gym Wipes Antibacterial SKU: 828RR


Solid Steel Heads

  • Precision drilled and bored to ensure close tolerance
  • No bolts or plates
  • Heads will not come loose or rotate

Rubber Encased

  • Embossed logo and increment treatment
  • Encased with a durable hard shore rubber
  • Rubber thickness ranges from 0.25" to 0.50"


Available in 5-120lbs. in 5lb. increments, ∓ 7.5 27.5 lbs. in half size increments

Handles Specifications

  • 5-30lbs. = 32mm diameter
  • 35lbs. (+) = 34mm diameter
  • 0.85-1.0cm Diamond pattern knurl


5-Year full commercial warranty against breakage