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Body Bike

About Body Bike


BODY BIKE® International was established in the mid-1990’s and it all began with a quest. A quest for perfection – a passionate search for the ultimate indoor cycle that could meet the demands of the cyclists and their increasingly popular sport. Indoor cycling had evolved dramatically but the ultimate cycle was still to be seen.

BODY BIKE® International is located in Frederikshavn in the northern part of Denmark. Today we employ approximately 20 dedicated and skilled technicians, engineers and craftsmen, we produce more than 10,000 high-quality indoor bikes every year and have sales representatives in more than 30 countries around the world.

But the quest for perfection that got it all started never ends. Perfection is a fast-moving, ever changing concept and we have to move along with it, always striving to be better. By being receptive and ready for change, we pledge to evolve with the sport of indoor cycling and its athletes.


Launching on 10th April, 2020



The ground-breaking BODY BIKE SMART+ SWITCH features an exciting design innovation that makes it the perfect solution for any fitness space: an optional 180° rotation on its 21” touchscreen. This allows users to quickly switch between cycling workouts and floor based training in front of the bike, all led by worldclass virtual instructors. It puts a world of choice into exercisers hands.


Whether on the gym floor, in a hotel facility or guest room, in a corporate fitness suite or off ice space, or even at home, BODY BIKE SMART+ SWITCH delivers the buzz and engagement of group exercise to those working out independently. It brings together quality, choice, flexibility and expert guidance for the ultimate workout experience, 24/7.

For those interested in performance data, user metrics – from power to cadence, calories to distance – can also be shown on-screen, motivating users to push themselves even further.


What makes our indoor bikes the best? We believe the secret lies in our attention to detail: no weak links. When we designed the BODY BIKE SMART+ SWITCH, we aimed for perfection in all aspects of design and functionality. We know our bikes can take whatever you’ve got.


BODY BIKE SMART+ SWITCH is the result of a unique collaboration, bringing together Wexer’s market-leading digital fitness technology with the proud design traditions of simplicity, functionality and reliability for which BODY BIKE® is known. It unites the best bike with the best virtual system and the best classes, setting a new standard in on-demand training.


Reliability is paramount, which is why the BODY BIKE SMART+ SWITCH features only dedicated, industrial grade hardware. Its touchscreen is designed to withstand the rigorous of heavy use, while content is driven by Wexer’s custom-made virtual platform – a system that boasts a 99.9 per cent uptime across all Wexer clients in more than 50 countries.

  • Industrial grade 21 ” touchscreen
  • Immersive content brings you into the heart of every class
  • Reliable content delivery, with a proven 99.9% system uptime


BODY BIKE SMART+ SWITCH instantly puts over 1000 workouts at users’ fingertips, all led by the best instructors from around the globe – from cycling to yoga, stretch to strength, HIIT to meditation. Programming is currently available in 12 languages and all classes come pre-loaded,meaning workouts cannot be disrupted by buffering or poor internet connections